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About us

About us

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GMS IVF: A House of Family Planning and Reproductive Health

«GMS IVF: A House of Family Planning and Reproductive Health» opened in 2016 as part of and under the umbrella of GMS Clinic: a private, medical clinic which has been operational in Moscow since 2008. When we decided to branch out IVF clinic from the GMS CLINIC gynecology department, we wanted our name to reflect our values, goals and relationships with the patients; our overall approach to addressing the problem at hand. That is why rather than being just another Fertility Clinic; we became «A House of Family Planning and Reproductive Health».

Our Purpose

There are various causes of infertility and it is not limited to just one of the partners, or to one factor. The underlying factor causing the problem needs to be investigated before proceeding with a treatment. Our Purpose at GMS IVF: A House of Family Planning and Reproductive Health is to help our patients to find the cause and to deal with it. We define success of our work with your happiness.

Today, more and more clinics measure their success with numbers and statistics, which in-turn turn patients with genuine problems into nothing more than numbers. We leave statistics and number to mathematicians and focus on you. We don’t perceive you as a high probability of success or high-risk factor to success rate. We are here to help and we will not leave any stone unturned in doing that.

In the serene and calm environment of our clinic, which we take great pride in, you can find the right specialists to discuss your matter and peacefully plan how to overcome it.

We accompany you through your IVF cycle from the very first step of taking a decision to address your infertility, till the moment you hold your baby in you arms for the very first time. You can take your decision at your own pace and in your own time without feeling rushed or pressured. We nurture an open environment where you feel free to discuss anything and are enabled to truly prepared for those concrete steps towards being a complete family. GMS Family will stay by your side to guide you and give you that final bit of confidence and support. This is our true commitment, true to our name «GMS IVF: A House of Family Planning and Reproductive Health».

Our Key Principles

The principles on which our culture and operations are found are common with those of our parent GMS: individual approach to each and every patient; treatment established on the evidence-based principles; and a comfortable, family oriented atmosphere.

Individual approach to each patient.

We do not believe in «One Size Fits All» approach . Every couple and every patient has different background, which leads to a different story, and needs individual attention. Our Specialists are trained to work with patients closely catering to their needs and tailoring treatments accordingly.

We would like to give you an opportunity to see how it all works. You can book a free personal consultation with our Fertility Specialist. We have kept up with the technology and hence if you cannot visit clinic personally we can arrange the consultation over Skype, Facetime or other suitable video conference instrument of your choice at a time convenient for you.

Evidence Based Medicine

All decisions made by our doctors are within the framework of evidence-based medicine protocols. We follow European standards of transferring limited number of embryos, which dramatically reduces the risks of miscarriage and multiple pregnancies. We ensure that all necessary tests and examinations are conducted quickly.

All types of outpatient tests.

GMS IVF has its own independent laboratory, which gives us the ability to provide our patients access to virtually all possible laboratory tests. Accessibility to an independent laboratory works around the clock providing immediate test results.

Collaboration with leading clinics in Russia and worldwide.

Our doctors work closely with specialists from Europe, Israel and the USA This network has allowed us to provide our patients access to specialists from abroad either on patient request or when deemed necessary by the consulting doctor providing best results for our patients.

Continuous Education and Training of Staff

All of our staff keep their knowledge updated through continuous learning and training, participating in the largest Russian and International conferences, symposia and IVF congresses like European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE), COGI, American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), Asian Pacific Initiative on Reproduction (ASPIRE Asia), International Society of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology (ISUOG), Russian Association of Human Reproduction (RAHR). Our Specialists are also proud members of these associations.

Keeping your convenience in mind, we work round the clock without holidays and weekends. To add to this we also have doctors doing house calls to provide professional care.