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The terms of provision of information and promotions

The terms of provision of information and promotions

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The website administrator and/or other individuals of the company or its partners (only if the patient needs consultation by specialist of personnel from partner organization) are entitled to send information and promotional messages to the individual with their consent. These messages in form or emails or sms or other medial channel are not offers, but are purely informational and/or promotional in nature. If a visitor does not wish to receive promotions or information, they have the right to not provide their consent which means they decline the offer to receive such messages by the web site administrator inform of advertising and information messages via e-mail/telephone provided on this website in any form.

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To schedule an appointment or to get more information about our services and prices, you can call us by phone at +7 495 781 5577. For information regarding the location of our clinic and how to reach us by various routes, please check the Contact Us section.

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