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Terms of processing of personal data

Terms of processing of personal data

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When using the online «Request a call», «House Calls with specialists», «Online Appointment Request», «Leave your feedback», «Make an appointment» service, the visitor is required to provide personal information and personal data about themselves, namely Full Name, Telephone Number, E-Mail.

The visitor to the site has the right to not provide accurate personal information, or to provide data that is fictitious. In this case though the administrator of the website does not guarantee timely and qualitative implementation of the «Make an appointment» service.

When providing personal information on the website «» , the visitor expresses full consent to processing this personal data and information by the website administrator and/or other individuals of the company or its partners (only if the patient needs consultation by specialist of personnel from partner organization). The term processing refers to: collection, systematization, gathering, storage in an information system, extraction, use, transfer, depersonalization, and deletion of the same from the information system by the website administrator.

The processing of personal information by users is for purposes related to the implementation of the «Make an appointment» service and can also be used to provide medical services to the website visitor without directly attending the clinic.

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