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Programs and Prices

Programs and Prices

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My infertility story is one of the most common ones. From the age of 15 every month I had horrible pain; doctor’s advice to...


Package IVF in natural cycle Frozen embryo transfer IVF all inclusive Basic IVF IVF Ultra All Inclusive/ VIP
IVF Specialist Consultation within an IVF cycle
Ultra ound follicles monitoring during ovarian stimulation
The ultrasound guided transvaginal follicular aspiration
IV Sedation/Anesthesia
Standard or VIP ward (up to 2 hours)*
In vitro fertilization
Embryo cultivation until blastocust stage in vitro
Embryo transfer
Embryo cryopreservation (vitrification - thawing)
Sperm cryopreservation during IVF cycle
Sperm storage (1 month)
Storage of embryos for delayed or repeated transfer (1 month)
Pregnancy test (hCG)
Confirmation of pregnancy (ultrasound)
Medications set for an IVF cycle by normal ovarian reserve up to $ 2000 up to $2000 у.е
ICSI (if required)
Laser assisted hatching (if required)
Concierge service (accomodation: apartment, 4*hotel standard room, 5* hotel Luxe room) from $1000
Concierge service (Meeting at the airport, transfer airport- residence - airport) from $200
Concierge service (Individual interprener: 6-8 hours/per day) $300
Visa services $300
Cost (USD) 2000 1400 7500 4000 from 10000
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To schedule an appointment or to get more information about our services and prices, you can call us by phone at +7 495 781 5577. For information regarding the location of our clinic and how to reach us by various routes, please check the Contact Us section.

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