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Long time ago, when I was 18, I got pregnant but I didn’t know about it. Those were days when I was a carefree girl who...

Sometimes (thankfully, not very often) situations arise when a woman can get pregnant (meaning that her ovaries are healthy and produce egg cells; fertilization can theoretically take place), but she can’t stay pregnant. Before modern assisted reproductive technology was invented, this automatically meant that a woman would never have children.  With the discovery of IVF, however, everything has changed.

Surrogacy is a type of IVF in which «test tube» embryos are not transferred into the biological mother, but rather a woman prepared to carry the child until birth. A surrogate mother is a woman who takes responsibility for your baby during prenatal development. The name for surrogate mothers is not an accident; she is the «gestational nanny» or «gestational carrier». (gestation means the period of pregnancy between conception and birth).

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There are many rumors and speculations surrounding surrogacy. Let’s shed some light on the most common ones.

  • «Surrogacy is a heinous crime». In Russia surrogacy is legal and regulated by specific laws and delegated legislation. The surrogate mother signs a written agreement that specifically details the rights and duties of each side.  Russia has many professional surrogacy agencies which have been in business for many years and guarantee that the surrogate mother will fulfill her responsibilities.
  • «Surrogacy is a toy for the wealthy». Surrogate maternity is only meant to be used for clearly stated medical reasons:
    • Congenital or acquired female reproductive defects which make conception and/or gestation impossible (e.g. the absence of a uterus);
    • The presence of diseases in the mother that make gestation impossible or present a danger to the mother and/or baby;
    • Several failed IVF attempts and/or a medical history of unsuccessful pregnancies.

Of course, due to the difficulty of carrying a child, health deterioration during pregnancy and labor, and the loss of monthly income during maternity leave, surrogate mothers want to receive decent compensation to cover the expenses of surrogacy. Sometimes, there are cases of family surrogacy in which an immediate relative (sister, mother, daughter, etc.) is the surrogate. Of course, compensation isn’t a problem in those situations.

  • «The surrogate mother is giving her baby to strangers». The surrogate mother is not genetically related to the growing baby. Even if the female spouse didn’t donate her own genetic material, the law specifically states that for IVF, the donor’s oocytes are treated as a 3rd person. By taking on the responsibility for carrying the child, the surrogate mother understands, from the beginning, that the child is not hers; she only has the child during pregnancy and then must return it to its parents.

How much does surrogacy cost? How do I choose a surrogacy agency?

What is important to keep in mind when choosing a fertility clinic for surrogacy? We collaborate with professional agencies that have been working in this field for a long time. Their reputation and experience guarantees professionalism, knowledge of all details and nuances in the process, and a responsibility to patients. Besides that, the surrogacy procedure (including the price) requires more from doctors in terms of qualifications, equipment for the procedure, disposable medical supplies, and medications. Concerning care, for your convenience and peace of mind, we value a comprehensive approach to treatment, all experts «under one roof», immediate consultations with any specialist, and tests available every day, around the clock.

At the GMS IVF Clinic, we strive to work to the best of our ability while preserving the physical and psychological comfort of our patients. By choosing the GMS IVF Clinic for your surrogacy in Moscow, you receive the best balance between cost and service in addition to:

  • Medical care from experts with many years of experience in the reproductive technology field;
  • The guarantee that our equipment and materials are from leading global manufacturers;
  • The use of customized medications in our procedures from the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies. We guarantee the highest standard for EACH medication.
  • A comprehensive approach to each individual case;
  • All essential medical advisory services and procedures (all under the same roof);
  • Fast and 100% high-quality test results in our OWN GMS laboratory;
  • The ability to have medical procedures at any time that’s convenient for you;
  • Around-the-clock medical and consulting support every day of the week.
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