IVF: minimal stimulation protocol

In Minimal IVF less medication is used for ovulation induction process so that to minimize side effects and increase chances of receiving more eggs.

IVF: minimal stimulation protocol

IVF with minimal stimulation is a perfect alternative for conventional IVF. Minimal stimulation IVF is often referred as, «Mini IVF», «Soft IVF», or «Micro IVF».

IVF with minimal stimulation. Advantages

  1. The risk of ovarian hyperstimulation is excluded, lower risks of side effects, the possibility of multiple pregnancy is also low.
  2. Reduced costs associated with the medications used.
  3. Endometrial receptivity to embryo transfer is almost as it is during the IVF in natural cycle.
  4. Oocyte pick-up is possible without intravenous sedation during this program only one or two follicle mature.

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IVF with minimal stimulation. Prime candidates

  1. Women with low ovarian reserve (eg. Premature ovarian failure, including surgical intervention)
  2. «Poor — responders» women who ovaries did not respond to fertility medications stimulation in previous IVF programs.
  3. Can be used as a support treatment for follicle growth during IVF in natural cycle to increase the chances for follicle to mature.

For IVF with minimal stimulation program it is very important to have an opportunity to conduct egg pick up procedure in time. Our staff’s availability 24/7/365 allows us to guaranty the successfulness of such programs.

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