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GMS IVF Family Planning Centre:

Direct medicines supply from pharmaceutical companies specializing in IVF Treatment
Opportunity to get an expert second opinion from IVF specialists across the globe
Our Doctors are available On-call 24/7
Complete onsite laboratory services that ensure you receive the most advanced testing quickly, many with same-day results. Tests results can be sent directly to a patient via email
Our counsellors are available for psychological support
We work 7 days a week, without weekends and holidays, 24/7/365

How we work:

GMS IVF Family Planning Centre is a not just another Clinic. We pride ourselves for being one big family, which is always ready to welcome and help.

Our aim is to address problems related to infertility in women, men and couples. Our experience allows us to use a wide approach to infertility. That is why we provide vigorously different, personal approach to fertility care treatment: from lifestyle corrections to the latest in assisted reproductive technology. We never refuse a case because it is challenging, we harness the knowledge of our international collaboration and help patients to resolve their problems in the most efficient and effective manner.

We have experienced doctors and we supplement their skills and abilities with cutting-edge reproductive technologies and exceptional patient care. We have built our centre with the most modern equipment and an in-house laboratory that meets the highest international requirements and standards. We guarantee a comprehensive examination and individual solution. We follow strict protocols to ensure our patients get the best treatment in a relaxed and calming environment.


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