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Contact Info

Contact Info

2nd Yamskaya Street, House 9, Moscow. Pincode: 127018
(2-я Ямская ул., 9 Москва. 127018)

Nearest Underground Station: Maryina roscha (Марьина роща)

Phone Numbers:

+7 495 781 5577

8 (800) 100-88-15


WeChat: +79319617448 / ID: Z9319617448

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From central Moscow
Outer side of Third Transport Ring
Inner side of Third Transport Ring
On foot from Maryina Roshcha metro station

Directions from central Moscow

Take Olimpiisky Avenue, then turn left at the first intersection (at the traffic lights) onto Durova Street, towards the Soviet Army Theatre. Further along Durova Street, and a little to the right, with the Soviet Army Theatre, and remain on your left. Durova Street leads into Soviet Army Street. Keep on along this street to the Third Transport Ring (TTR). Cross it, and turn left. You’ll see the El Patio and Planet Sushi restaurants on your right.

Change on to the right lane. Drive past the first intersection with traffic lights (this is Oktyabrskaya Street). The first side-street on to your left after Oktyabrskaya Street is 1st Yamskaya Street. Drive straight past it. Watch the traffic signs. At the second corner (with an underground pedestrian crossing exit to your right), turn right. This is 2nd Yamskaya Street. Continue along 2nd Yamskaya Street for around 200 metres, until the road turns right, and directly ahead of you there will be a boom (barrier) gate. Drive through the boom (barrier) gate, turn left and park. You may park in the inner courtyard. The clinic’s entrance is on the side of TTR ring. The clinic is on the second floor (in US counting manner) or first floor (in UK counting manner).