Donor Programs

The Sperm Bank and Sperm Donors

Patients are given access to the male genetic material database (called a sperm bank), where they can choose a sperm donor based on a variety of characteristics: age, nationality, blood type and Rh factor, appearance (eye color, hair color, skin color, height, build), etc. However, there is no information about the identity of the sperm donor to guarantee his anonymity. On the same day of egg retrieval, sperm from the donor, chosen beforehand, is unfrozen (which is cryopreserved in a sperm bank before the procedure) and both cells are used following standard IVF protocol.

Egg Donation

Considering the fact that it is more difficult to cryopreserve egg cells, when oocytes (female sex cells)  are donated, healthy («fresh», not cryopreserved) egg cells are given precedence. Generally, such programs follow these steps:

  • Patients are given access to an egg-cell database where they can choose a donor based on a variety of characteristics: age, nationality, blood type and Rh factor, appearance (eye color, hair color, skin color, height, build), etc. The form does not include any identifiable information to guarantee the donor’s anonymity.
  • Superovulation stimulation of the donor’s oocytes is performed which follows the same corresponding protocol as in standard IVF procedures;
  • On the same day of egg retrieval, the male genetic material of the husband/partner is collected with fertilization and embryonic growth (cultivation) happening after according to standard IVF protocol;
  • When in vitro (“test tube“) embryonic cultivation is completed (usually on the 5th day after fertilization), the embryos are carefully examined. All embryos identified as high-quality and suitable for transfer are cryopreserved. In contrast to egg freezing, embryonic cryopreservation is rather easy, has been perfected over the many years, and guarantees successful results;
  • The patient is prepared for the embryo transfer. On the day of the embryo transfer, some of the collected embryos (usually no more than 2) are unfrozen; the transfer and subsequent steps then follow standard IVF protocol.

By choosing our IVF program with the use of donor cells at the GMS IVF Clinic, you receive:

  • Medical care from experts with many years of experience in the reproductive technology field;
  • Access to our extensive, up-to-date donor database:
  • Access to our partners’ donor databases; this includes the biggest cell bank that houses sperm and egg cells in all of Russia and Eastern Europe;
  • The guarantee that our equipment and materials come from leading global manufacturers;
  • The use of customized medications from the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies. We guarantee the highest standard for EACH medication;
  • A comprehensive approach to each individual case;
  • Convenient access to all essential medical advisory services and procedures (all under the same roof);
  • Fast and 100% high-quality test results in our OWN GMS laboratory;
  • The ability to have medical procedures at any time that’s convenient for you;
  • Around-the-clock medical and consulting support every day of the week.

The following are a few important, little-known facts about using donated genetic material potential patients should know.

  • The use of donated materials in Russia is permitted by law and subject to relevant legislation. From a medical point of view, all aspects concerning donor programs such as implementation, health requirements of donors, etc., are registered in order РФ № 107N from the Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation.
  • Only anonymous sex cell donation programs are permitted in Russia (excluding family donation cases), so every client can be sure that the birth of the baby is completely private. The anonymity is mutual —the donor doesn’t know who used his/her genetic material and the future parents don’t know the identity of their donor.
  • The quality of donated genetic material is better than the quality of average genetic material duirng natural conception. Admittedly, many of us can’t boast we conducted scrupulous medical examinations while planning a family without simultaneously having any health problems. For donors, however, these examinations are compulsory. It’s no wonder why the efficacy of donated material is 5-10% higher for IVF than the average.
  • From the female body’s point of view, the little munchkin could be described as an alien being with a very different set of genes from his mother. Despite this, the baby doesn’t care if it has same genes as his mother and it won’t affect the pregnancy in any way.

Believe those who have faced similar situations multiple times — in a year you won’t even remember that donor material was used for the IVF process. For you, your little munchkin will be your whole world.

Would you like to help childless couples and become a donor? (sperm or egg donation) Thank you for your decision! It will not only financially help you, but also give fertility-challenged couples the opportunity to have a full family. If you are under 35, call us for more information.

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