Programs and Prices

Dear Clients! Each case is individual and we suggest an individual program. On this page we published the prices for the most popular packages

IVF Programs

Services \ Package IVF in natural cycle Frozen embryo transfer IVF all inclusive Basic IVF IVF Ultra All Inclusive/ VIP
IVF Specialist Consultation within an IVF cycle
Ultra ound follicles monitoring during ovarian stimulation
The ultrasound guided transvaginal follicular aspiration
IV Sedation/Anesthesia
Standard or VIP ward (up to 2 hours)*
In vitro fertilization
Embryo cultivation until blastocust stage in vitro
Embryo transfer
Embryo cryopreservation (vitrification - thawing)
Sperm cryopreservation during IVF cycle
Sperm storage (1 month)
Storage of embryos for delayed or repeated transfer (1 month)
Pregnancy test (hCG)
Confirmation of pregnancy (ultrasound)
Medications set for an IVF cycle by normal ovarian reserve
ICSI (if required)
Laser assisted hatching (if required)
Concierge service (accomodation: apartment, 4*hotel standard room, 5* hotel Luxe room)
Concierge service (Meeting at the airport, transfer airport- residence - airport)
Concierge service (Individual interprener: 6-8 hours/per day)
Visa services

The prices shown refer to our most popular services when paying in cash or by card. You can use your insurance policy, pay separately for each visit, sign up for an annual medical program, or set up an account to access the clinic’s services at a discounted rate. The clinic reserves the right to charge extra on weekends and holidays. All services are provided as outlined in the appropriate contract. Payments can be made by MasterCard, VISA, Maestro and MIR.

Pay methods