IVF with anonymous donor

When women faces a problem of not having oocytes of her own she might use modern Assisted reproductive Technologies program: IVF with donor oocytes.

IVF with anonymous donor

Currently, there is a tendency to planning pregnancy and childbirth for women at a later age. Women postpone pregnancy and prefer to get an education first, build a career and strive to become financially independent. At the same time they experience continuous stress due to various reasons, aggressive influence of the environment, overwork, lack of rest and unhealthy, irregular nutrition. All these lead to early aging and problems with conceiving. As a rule, the fertility doctor is forced to state premature ovarian failure (POF) caused by a natural age factor, or by gynecological diseases or ovarian surgery.

Prime candidates for IVF with donor oocytes

  • Lack of own eggs associated with natural menopause
  • Premature ovarian failure (POF)
  • Resistant ovary syndrome (functional disturbance of the gonadotropin receptors, resistant to exogenous gonadotropin stimulation)
  • Diminished ovarian reserve (DOR) is a condition in which the ovary loses its normal reproductive potential. The condition may result from disease, injury, surgery or as a result of normal aging.
  • Conditions after radiation or chemo therapy
  • Genetic conditions that can cause failure of the ovaries to develop (e.g. Turner syndrome)
  • Recurrent IVF failures (more than three failed attempts), poor response to ovarian stimulation, recurrently obtaining poor-quality embryos
  • Poor ovarian reserve
  • Late reproductive age (43 years plus), when the use of own oocytes is associated with an increased risk of obtaining embryos with genetic disorders

IVF with donor oocytes can be done using fresh or vitrified cells. Modern vitrification technologies allow to obtain high — quality oocytes, which provide extremely perspective embryos after the fertilization.

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IVF with donor oocytes. Advantages

  • If you are working with our in-house donor pool there is no need to wait for donor selection. You simply select a material that is already stored in our cryobank and use.
  • It is possible to acquire only one or two donor cells in addition to your own eggs at a day of retrieval just to be on a safe side if a woman has a poor ovarian reserve. A woman also can make a decision to use donor eggs on the day of a retrieval in case she does not obtain her material but wishes to complete the protocol.
  • The possibility of acquiring only a few oocytes is more financial savvy.
  • The major advantage of using fresh donor oocytes is Synchronization. The donor and recipient’s cycles must be synchronized so that the recipient’s uterine lining will be ready for implantation when the donor’s eggs are retrieved and fertilized. Free egg donation portion gives you more oocytes which can be fertilized, which means more embryos. After transfer additional high-quality embryos can be frozen and preserved to use at another time for other pregnancies.

IVF with donor oocytes. How do we select a donor?

Our ovum donor coordinator will arrange a time for you to view donor profiles. They will facilitate in finding you a candidate with phenotypic features, blood type, taking into account your preferences regarding the height, weight, eye color, age, education, character and even Zodiac sign. You’ll have access to information about the donor’s background, medical history, educational level and family history. Based on the Russian legislation donors in our country can be only anonymous, that is why you will not have the option of viewing photographs of the donors. But we can assure, that our in-house donors have undergone extensive screening, and we’ll discuss any relevant findings from the screening process, including genetic screening and testing, mental health screening, infectious disease results and physical findings.

IVF with anonymous donor

IVF with donor eggs. What to do if I have my own donor?

A friend or relative can donate her eggs, if she has children of her own and if she under 35 years old.

Egg donation is a highly regulated part of fertility treatment.

If you have decided to have a family member or a friend as a donor, she will have to visit our IVF doctor for the assessment of her ovarian reserve. The doctor will also collect her anamnesis to exclude contraindication for the IVF procedure. After doctor approves donor candidacy she will have to go through standard health checks with therapist, breast doctor and psychological screening.

When the screening process is done and your donor is found eligible to donate she will go through ovarian stimulation stage, egg retrieval procedure, and obtained eggs will be used for fertilization.

IVF with donor oocytes. How to make a decision?

To use a donor egg this is a decision that sometimes difficult to make. Donor conception is not right for everyone, although it is the only way a couple can have a child genetically connected to one partner, except for adoption. But it is important to understand, that using only one donor egg that it fertilized by the sperm of your beloved partner you will have YOUR baby, whom you will carry in your tommy for 9 months, feeling all his/her movements, you will give birth to, you will breast feed, you will bring up. It is going to be YOUR child, the kind of person You will bring up, YOUR family, Your happiness you dreamt so much. So do not be afraid!

Make this step, if this is the only thing that sets you apart from happy motherhood.

We will help you to make your dream come true.

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