Natural Cycle IVF

In natural cycle IVF is considered to be a patient friendly treatment as it is conducted without the use of medications to stimulate the ovaries to produce multiple eggs. The first successful IVF program in the natural cycle, which ended with the birth full-term healthy baby- girl was performed in 1978.

Natural Cycle IVF

IVF in natural cycle is a program during wich no medication is used for ovaries stimulating to produce multiple eggs.

At the same time, the growth of follicles is monitored (there can be one or two in the natural cycle of the woman), and when they are matured to the desired size (up to 18 mm), eggs are retrieved from follicles, then fertilized in the lab and then the best embryos are transferred back into the woman’s uterus.

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Advantages of IVF in natural cycle

  • Much of the discomfort that is associated with fertility treatment is due to the side effects of ovulation induction. Since medication is not used during natural IVF, there are no side effects such as: ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome or high-risk of multiple pregnancies.
  • A considerable amount of the expense associated with fertility treatment is due to medication costs. Not using medication can significantly reduce the cost of the IVF treatment.
  • Endometrial receptivity in natural IVF cycle is higher which increases the success rate of the procedure.
  • Oocyte pick-up is possible without intravenous sedation as puncturing only one follicle is not such a painful procedure as puncturing eight to ten or even more follicles.

Amongst disadvantages of IVF in natural cycle we should name a small number of oocytes, which can be obtained for fertilization (as a rule, only one). From one oocyte, we can only get one embryo, and we have no choice for transfer.

The nature is pretty strict while choosing an embryo for a safe pregnancy. Up to 70% of the material is eliminated; therefore, the effectiveness of IVF in natural cycle is not too high, even in spite of the efforts and high quality of embryological service and professionalism of embryologists. Moreover sometimes in natural cycle, we may not receive an oocyte at all (especially in the late reproductive age), or it will be of poor quality and not suitable for fertilization.

Prime candidates for IVF in natural cycle

  1. Women who cannot go through ovarian stimulation due to some reasons (eg. Cancer patients)
  2. Women with low ovarian reserve (eg. Premature ovarian failure, including surgical intervention). Women are unable to produce a large number of eggs during a single cycle or does not respond to stimulation. In such cases we try to harvest only follicle (with stimulation or without). Thus a doctor is able to take a decision to use natural follicle growth to retrieve oocytes. Often this tactics enable to harvest the best results
  3. Women with multiple IVF failed attempts (if in spite of the good quality of embryos they fail to implant due to unclear reasons)

The success of IVF in natural cycle mainly depends on the quality of embryology and clinic open hours (24/7/365) which allows to retrieve oocytes any day of a week. All these we are glad to provide in GMS IVF: «The house of family planning and reproduction».

Content and cost of the IVF program in the natural cycle here.

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