All-inclusive IVF

After you have decided which fertility treatment is right for you the next step is to decide which clinic to choose to go through the procedure.

All-inclusive IVF

One of the biggest problems for a patient when choosing a clinic and IVF program (especially in Moscow due to the large number of specialized medical institutions) is hidden and additional costs. From the first sight it seems to be clear, but once a patient joins the program turns out that some services or medication are not included and have to be purchased separately. As a result, at the time of joining the program patients do not have a clear idea about the actual cost of the treatment.

The house of family planning and reproduction GMS IVF offers All inclusive IVF program for patients who are planning to go through infertility treatment and want to know the total cost of the program in advance. The program includes all services, starting from the first visit to IVF doctor to long-awaiting pregnancy confirmation. IVF all inclusive will suit patients who cares about their comfort and convenience and want to pay once and forget about money issues, focusing only on IVF treatment.

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IVF all-inclusive program includes:

  • IVF Specialist Counseling — first visit
  • Comprehensive medical examination (including all necessary blood tests, diagnostic procedures, specialists counselling throughout the program)
  • Personalized IVF treatment plan, and hormone stimulation plan
  • IVF doctor counselling within an IVF cycle
  • Routing physician (andrology, endocrinology, any other specialist if required), nursing care during IVF cycle
  • Ovarian stimulation, including all IVF medication.
  • Ultrasound monitoring of ovulation induction.
  • Egg Collection with sedation, surgeon, anesthetist fees, standard ward stay up to two hours).
  • Egg preparation for fertilization.
  • Semen collection and preparation prior fertilization (ICSI, PICSI if necessary).
  • Embryo cultivation in vitro (the cost of culture media is included)
  • Embryo selection including assisted procedures prior embryo transfer into uterus (e.g. assisted hatching etc. if required)
  • Ultrasound guided embryo transfer into a woman’s uterus
  • Cryopreservation of not transferred embryos
  • Blood pregnancy test and progesterone level
  • Ultrasound confirmation of pregnancy (fetal heartbeat control)
  • Advisory support during the IVF cycle
All-inclusive IVF

IVF all-inclusive in Moscow

We strive to get the best possible result while maintaining physical and psychological comfort for our patients. Choosing IVF All Inclusive in GMS IVF clinic, you receive:

  • Medical care by highly qualified specialists with extensive experience in the field of reproductive technologies
  • 100 per cent guarantee the use of equipment and materials from world leading manufacturers
  • Only original medicines from the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies. We guarantee the highest quality of EVERY drug we use during every IVF cycle
  • An integrated approach to infertility treatment
  • Convenient access to necessary medical consultations and procedures (all services under one roof)
  • Fast and high quality blood tests in our in-house laboratory
  • Possibility to receive any medical manipulation at any convenient day
  • 24/7 counselling and medical support

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