Double stimulation IVF (DuoStim)

Double stimulation is a non-standard IVF protocol which allows to achieve successful results even in complicated cases.

Double stimulation IVF (DuoStim)

DuoStim method is based on double stimulation during the same cycle. The stimulation starts as usually on the second-third day of a cycle. After the egg retrieval in few days second stimulation starts so that the follicles which did not grow enough during the first stimulation phase could mature. In seven-ten days after the stimulation the second egg collection happens. This methods allows to collect additional set of oocytes from poor responder patients. Often in such protocol we achieve the growth of one-two follicles during the first stimulation phase, and up to five-six follicles, during the second stimulation phase, increasing the number of collected oocytes by several times.

All obtained embryos undergo cryopreservation, the transfer will happen only during the next cycle when woman’s endometrioses is ready.

DuoStim IVF program: Prime candidates

  • Women with low ovarian reserve, women older than 40 years old (age factor) or younger women with Premature ovarian failure (e.g. due to surgical intervention)
  • Women who’s AMH level lower than 1.0
  • Women who’s total number of antral follicles is not more than five in both ovaries
  • Women who obtained not more than three poor quality oocytes in previous protocols (irrespectively of the age of a patient).

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IVF DuoStim. Special features

  • Two stimulation within one IVF cycle (on the second-third day of the cycle, and in a one-three days after the first egg collection)
  • Two egg collection procedures during one IVF cycle.
  • Cryopreservation of all cultivated embryos.

Double stimulation IVF with asynchronous ovarian growth

The doctor may offer you a transition to such stimulation scheme even after standard IVF program started. If in the beginning of a cycle doctor observes asynchronous ovarian growth (one or two follicle is putting the pedal the others are strolling in the pack and remain immature before egg collection).

Second ovarian stimulation allows.immature follicles to catch up. There are many examples of successful pregnancies among women with poor ovarian reserve who underwent DuoStim program.

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However Double stimulation IVF program is not a universal cure and cannot fit every patient (couple). Sometimes during ovulation induction a doctor observes the growth only one or two cells, with no other additional follicles in ovaries. In such cases dual stimulation will not trigger any results, and doctor will have to offer different scheme to achieve pregnancy.

Individualized approach to ovarian stimulation is our special feature which we proud of. It allows us to achieve the best results in all our programs and for all our patients.

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